Melsida Asatrian

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After spending more than a decade working with The Law Offices of Grinberg & Segal, PLLC, as a paralegal, Melsida Asatrian obtained her license to practice law in New Jersey in 2015 and in New York in 2016. 

Over her tenure with us as both a paralegal and an immigration attorney, Ms. Asatrian has worked closely with countless clients in helping them navigate the U.S. immigration system. Ms. Asatrian is an experienced immigration practitioner and a true expert in all areas of U.S. immigration law. However, Ms. Asatrian's clients find that she is far more than just an expert on the laws. In addition to noting her sound legal guidance, clients are impressed with Ms. Asatrian's impeccable professionalism and the care and consideration she brings to each and every case and client. 

Ms. Asatrian's extensive experience in the field of immigration law gives her a unique perspective in helping clients achieve their goals. Clients who work with Ms. Asatrian are guaranteed not only the best legal advice, but also an attorney who is dedicated to giving each and every case attention it deserves. 

City University of New York School of Law, J.D.
Сфера деятельности: 
Federal Immigration law
Family law in NY and NJ
State of New York
State of New Jersey
U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey