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Мы создали этот раздел для выполнения трех важных задач. Прежде всего, этот раздел дает возможность нынешним и бывшим клиентам поделиться своим опытом, относительно взаимоотношений с нашей иммиграционной юридической фирмой, включая иммиграционного адвоката Элизу Гринберг, иммиграционного адвоката Александра Сигала и иммиграционного адвоката Мельсиду Асатрян. Во-вторых, это дает возможность потенциальным иммигрантам услышать непосредственно от наших клиентов об их опыте взаимоотношения с нашей иммиграционной юридической фирмой, их успехах и их мнении о наших иммиграционных адвокатах и других сотрудников нашей фирмы. В-третьих, это позволяет нашей иммиграционной юридической фирме открыто и откровенно, узнать больше об опыте наших бывших и настоящих клиентов с нашей иммиграционной юридической фирмой.

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Мы всегда предупреждаем наших клиентов, что полученные нами результаты по предыдущим делам не гарантируют аналогичных результатов в будущем. Таким образом, мы пытаемся обратить Ваше внимание на тот неоспоримый факт, что каждый иммиграционный случай является уникальным и зависит от конкретных обстоятельств, в которых находитесь лично вы.


Аватар пользователя Matt

Alex was very straightforward during the consultation, and during all the meetings and interviews. He did not baby anything up. he was fully honest with everything that was happening so there would be no surprises. I fully appreciate everything that Alex has done for me. He was the only one of four lawyers that i hired who really understood how to handle my case, and he was very attentive to my needs. He won my case and I am unbelievably thankful (originally posted in AVVO on this day).
Аватар пользователя Valentina Valentina

I engaged Attorney Alexander Segal in June 2012 in connection to my rather difficult immigration matter.He worked with me for years including my asylum case preparation and later removal proceedings by the immigration judge in October 2016.During many years of working with Alexander ,I found him to be highly knowledgeable and very experienced attorney.A kind of a lawyer one would want to have by his side in the time of difficulty/He is exceptionally attentive of details and diligent in preparation.My hearing was long and was well prepared thanks to Alexander.The hearing concerned several complicated legal issues which required briefing ,legal arguments and of course preparation.He was outstanding .He was also managed to surround himself with very capable individuals working in his Firm.I am grateful to those of them who took park in the work on my matter.Now,I am finally a refugee and will eventually be able to become a citizen one day.My gratitude to Alexander and his Firm knows no boundaries given how complicated my case indeed was. Valentina
Аватар пользователя Ekaterina Vaganova-Yachmennikova

Meeting Mr. Alexander J. Segal and having him as my attorney in the extraordinary abilities greencard process is the best thing that could have happened to me! Alexander and his office's employees proved them as the most caring, professional and effective attorneys that I have ever worked with. Their advices and strategy for the case were fundamental. I am the World and European Champion in Ballroom dancing, pro teacher on Dancing With The Stars in Italy and Russia and I always prefer the best quality in services. Mr. Segal made an excellent service for me, winning my case and giving me a possibility of sharing my extraordinary abilities in the field of ballroom dancing with American dancers. So currently I am waiting for the audition for ABC Dancing With The Stars and if it wasn't for Mr. Segal's help and following my case on every step of it, this wouldn't be possible today! I am truly satisfied and grateful for his excellent job!
Аватар пользователя Sami Chowdhury

I would like to start off by expressing my deep gratitude to Wendy Barlow and the entire Law Office of Grinberg & Segal P.L.L.C. for their help with my immigration case. This office is amazing because of the familial environment that is created within it. Everyone who works there is very experienced, warm, and welcoming, and makes sure to provide the clients with the best experience. I highly recommend this law office to everyone.
Аватар пользователя Serjo Zusin

Я без преувеличения могу сказать, что из всех адвокатов которых я встречал в США перед тем, как начать работу над моим "Кейсом" по получению статуса "Беженца", именно Александр Сигал показался мне самым надёжным! Именно он убедил меня, что вместе мы сможем победить. И победа была не за горами! Я получил статус "Беженца" уже с интервью и всё благодаря Александру и его профессиональной команде! Спасибо вам за помощь и поддержку! Вы лучшие!! С Уважением, Зусин Сергей
Аватар пользователя Ritu Bordia

Mr. Segal's office was highly recommended by an acquaintance for my J1-waiver application. I was hesitant to get this consultation as I have consulted many other immigration attorneys in the past. But I am so glad that I finally decided to speak with Mr. Segal. His experience in dealing with this process was quite clear just from this one consultation. He asked very specific questions about my situation and provided information that is very relevant to my case. His opinion was honest and fact-based. I will definitely work with him for my waiver application.
Аватар пользователя Obolonskaya Ann

I had an experience with another lawyer firm before I found The Law Office of Grinberg & Segal. Eliza Grinberg is one the most professional person I’ve ever met who in the same time had a compassionate approach to the case. She has a special ability to make you feel comfortable and safe. It’s not easy to fight for yourself when you’re alone and to know that someone was really fighting for you was priceless. Every time I had a question she was replying within minutes to my email. Circumstances changed before my hearing and Eliza gave my case to Alexander Segal who was there with me on the most important day. They both prepared me and I felt like I had all team working with me and putting all their knowledge and skills to help me to get a positive result. I’ve been granted asylum and I can’t express how much I’m grateful! Thank you!!! You are the best lawyers in NY!!!
Аватар пользователя Zane Belindavideo

We highly recommend Greenberg and Siegal Law firm. After 10 years and thousands of dollars we spent paying other immagration lawyers, Greenberg was the only one who, unlike others, didn't promise anything, but got the job done and my son now has a green card. We had to submit endless amount of documents and forms for our case and the staff at the law firm took the time to review and correct everything carefully. The communication through the phone or email was always prompt, we always felt like we were in good hands and didn't loose hope, which is so important when dealing with sensitive issues like family and reunion. They are not the cheapest, but certainly the best. We would use them again in the future.
Аватар пользователя Andrey Grankin

Once I have chosen Alexander like attorney by forums messages. Now I'm with pleasure writing the review and would like to say THANKS to Alexander and Myattorneyusa's Team for the smart, intelligent, honest, reliable and successful job. Well done, guys!
Аватар пользователя Anna Kasimova

Мы с мужем обратились в офис адвоката Александра Сигала со сложным вопросом, касающемся иммиграции. И без колебаний заявляем, что Александр Сигал самый лучший иммиграционный адвокат. Мы от души оставляем свои самые положительные отзывы и рекомендации. На первой же консультации Александр четко и доходчиво изложил нам пути решения нашего трудного юридического вопроса, вселил уверенность в положительный исход нашего дела. Результат работы Александра Сигала оправдал все наши ожидания. Мы доверились ему полностью и получили безупречное исполнение им всех поставленных задач. На протяжении всего сотрудничества Александр Сигал дает очень важное ощущение для клиента, что Ваш адвокат всегда рядом. Мы постоянно были в курсе нашего дела и в любой момент могли задать Александру волнующие нас вопросы. На интервью, которое я проходила в посольстве в Москве, мне не задали ни одного дополнительного вопроса. Документы, подготовленные адвокатом Александром Сигалом, содержали полную информацию и были выполнены идеально. Александр Сигал обладает такими качествами как: высокий профессионализм, доброта и честность, объективность суждения и большая ответственность. Александр, спасибо Вам ! Анна Касимова и Валентин Джураев.